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This year the Festival added a new Boat Show feature, that was chaired by Todd Frye of Bonneville School of Sailing and Mr. Reed Price, Executive Director of the Utah Lake Commission.  These water  vehicles are known by many names:  Boat, ship, vessel, yacht, canoe, liner, cruiser, dinghy, kayak, ferry, watercraft, speedboat, sailboat, air boat, and many other names.  Utah Lake utilizes these vehicles in recreation, work, or individual play.

This awesome boat show was located on the cement pad at the Utah Lake Festival and featured many of the interesting boats that work and play on Utah Lake.  The June Sucker Recovery Project boat, for which the Festival is all about was there.  Of particular note was Arlen Nelson’s award winning antique mahogany launch, the Queen Mother from 1901 (the featured picture). There was a cool air boat from Jim Cross (Cross Marine) and Loy Fisheries had their  Pirate fishing boat on display.  Listed below are the boat entries in the first annual boat show at the Festival.  There was also a late entry who had a white/red racing boat.


1.        June Sucker Research Boat (Division of Natural Resources with Jackie Watson)

2.        Pirate fishing boat/Everglades Boat (Loy family, owners).

3.        Air propelled boat (Jim Cross, Cross Marine, owner)

4.        Coast Guard Auxiliary Teaching Boat (Coast Guard, owners).

5.        Antique launch (Arlen Nelson, owner).

6.        Olympic Star keel boat (Bonneville School of Sailing, Todd Frye, owner).

7.        Nacra Racing Catamaran (Brett Bingham, owner).

8.        Land Tamer (Aaron Eagar, coordinator, for Utah Lake Commission/Utah County).

9.        Truxor (Randy Kaufman, coordinator, for Forestry, Fire, and State Lands).

10.      Utah Waterfowl Association Hunting Barge (Matt Clark, coordinator)

11.      Long distance paddling canoe (Dale Browne, owner).

12.      Ranger 22, Racing Keelboat (Roger Bliss, owner0

13.      Olympic Star Keelboat (DeWitt Smith, Owner).

Below are pictures from the boat show.

Also present at the Festival was the Coast Guard training  boat that rocked and was located nearby with the kids enjoying the “realistic” experience of being on the lake.  Steve Henline’s Freedom’s Dream from Hand in Hand Outdoors was on the lake taking passengers on boat ride and a tour of Utah Lake.  There were two other boats offered by Cross Marine who also took Festival participants on a boat ride.  These boats were the Charity Eden and Jenny Lee.

This was one of the highlights of the Festival this year.  We hope to have more entries next year. Come and enjoy the water crafts of Utah Lake.

Photos: Courtesy of Utah Lake Commission and Cross Marine





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