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Your tax dollars at work: Utah Lake renewed with staycation-friendly website


It’s your lake. New website helps you make the most of it.

PROVO — The Utah Lake Commission is pleased to launch the click-friendly, easily-shared, and “Why didn’t I think of that before?” website at today. Unlike most outdated .gov websites, the new Utah Lake website aims to help area residents get the most of this conveniently-located natural resource with free tips, attraction guides, and other helpful information before planning your next visit.

“Local residents often take Utah Lake for granted,” says Reed Price, director of the Commission. “With the launch of, we hope to change that with fun-to-read web articles, must-see photography, and highlight videos of some of the best things the lake has to offer.”

Why choose Utah Lake over other area lakes? “First off, it’s not salty,” Price says jokingly. “In all seriousness, we believe proximity and size are the best things Utah Lake has going for it.”

To prove his point, Reed says average travel time to and from the lake take anywhere from 15-20 minutes for most area residents, a far cry from the several hours it can take to reach competing state reservoirs. “That means a lot more time at the lake,” Reed says.

In terms of size, Utah Lake sprawls at just under 100,000 acres, making it not only the largest freshwater lake in the state, but the largest natural one in the Western United States, which means lots of extra leg room for boaters, water sports participants, and fisherman.

More than just size and ease of access, however, Utah Lake is capable of holding the interests of multiple users, Price says. “In addition to motorboating, water sports, and fishing, there’s sailing, camping, picnicking, hiking and paved trails for bicycling,” he says. “Residents are also encouraged to take advantage of the scenery, wildlife, and numerous winter activities when the lake is frozen.”

What kinds of articles can you expect from the website? See for yourself, starting with these two: Getting the most out of your next visit to Utah Lake and the Top 10 things to do at Utah Lake when it’s frozen. Future stories will cover efforts to improve water quality, shoreline restoration, summer events, coming attractions, and in-depth profiles of specific activities such as sailing.

“We’re very excited to help the public rediscover Utah Lake and encourage them to come back often,” concludes Price. “After reading through our primer stories, followed by new weekly stories, we hope interested parties will follow us on Twitter, Facebook, RSS, or email subscription.”

For more information, please visit Commission interviews, additional commentary, and media facility tours are available upon request.

About the Utah Lake Commission

The Utah Lake Commission is an intergovernmental agency funded and empowered by 21 area governments, including neighboring municipalities of Utah County, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Environmental Quality, the Central Utah Water Conservancy District, and the great state of Utah. The purposes of the Commission are to promote multiple uses of the lake, coordinate membership jurisdiction, encourage resource utilization and protection, maintain and develop recreational access, and promote economic development for the greater public good. As we responsibly address each of these issues, we hope to protect, preserve, enhance, and enjoy the lake for generations to come.

Media Contact

Reed Price
Director, Utah Lake Commission
Phone: (801)851-2900


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  1. I am a landscape photographer in Tasmania, Australia, so I don’t know when I’ll have the chance to come to Utah, but from the images here it looks like a great scenic place to visit. Hope to make it some day!

  2. Harvey Moore says:

    I lived in Utah for a couple of months so I’m that the government has taken the initiative to renew Utah Lake’s website for locals and tourists alike. This will also renew the interest not just for the lake but the whole city as well, helping their tourism. That’s a good way to spend the people’s money.